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Thank you for revamping my advert and for the editorial. As you know things have been a little slow for me lately, but the editorial has had a massive impact. I’ve had 12 removals from it booked from the last magazine alone. Thank you again.


Since the editorial came out only the other day the response has been fantastic. Many people are telling me what a good piece that it was. I would like to thank you and the team again for your excellent work.

Howard Jones

Just wanted to say many thanks for the standard that you always achieve with the magazine. I so look forward to my copy. It is surprising the benefits of the magazine – one of my daughters was asking for a particular type of business and there it was in the Village link so I was able to pass the phone number on! Thank you.

Val Johnson

The very same day I had a call from a customer, which has led to a dozen more calls of which two have also turned out to be very lucrative! On that basis and with my tail between my legs would you mind if I was included in your forthcoming magazine and hopefully into the future.

Mark Howe

We would like to send our thanks to three tradesmen whom we have employed using the village link, one we have used before. All three of them provided a quick response, quick and competitive quotes, came on time and did good quality work, and we would recommend them to anyone else. They are as follows:

Paul Bavin tree specialists who came out at short notice to a potentially dangerous tree in our back garden and then lopped it the following week to make it safe. Very professional job.

AJS Plumbing at Redmile - Mark responded to our request for some advice on the central heating system we inherited and he came and rectified some minor problems with the settings and answered all our queries.

Howard Davies Painter and Decorator: we have used Howard before and sent you an email about his excellent work and had no worries about employing him again to decorate our two main bedrooms which he did to his usual high standard. We would like to thank all at Village Link because it provides us with a wide variety of choice if we need any work doing and so far they have all been excellent.

C & L, Bottesford

I’d like to consider placing a second full page with you for my financial planning business I have spent nearly £2,000 on my will writing full page with you, but have received in excess of £8,000 in return. We are really thrilled with the response.