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About Us

Whether you are an established local business, or new to the market, getting your name in front of your customers is the only way to attract the leads you need to expand, grow and sell. It can be difficult to budget towards marketing and advertising for a small business, asking yourself "What will work?" or "When will I see a return?"

That is where the Village Link has established itself as the essential directory for local businesses looking to reach new audiences! Over a period of eleven years, the Village Link has grown significantly in both publication size and print run size covering a wide network of villages within the vicinity of Grantham. Unlike newspapers, which are easily disposed of, Village Link readers view the publication as a directory and local reference guide, in addition to an informative read, which they keep to hand for when they need to look up that all important gardener, plumber, electrician or local event.

Why Advertise in the Village Link? Key Facts

You may be surprised to learn a few facts about advertising with us!

  • The only free publication with extensive distribution in the villages surrounding Grantham.
  • Distributed to over 107 villages
  • 16,300 copies per print run
  • Over 30,000 readers
  • Exceptionally good value advertising
  • Minimal cost per head
  • Locally targeted advertising

History of the Village Link

Established in 2005, the publication began as the Loveden Link, a A5 black and white magazine for Ancaster, Sedgebrook and Allington. Well received by the village residents and local businesses alike, demand for pages increased and over a period of time, the magazine grew to the A5 professionally printed publication we know and love today. Proud to be dedicated to helping keep the local community alive, the Village Link contains a balance of local editorial and content contributed by regular and guest writers, alongside local advertising.

Advertising that sells itself

We are a small local team including one full time Editor and two part-time office administrators. Demand for advertising space is very high and as such we do not need to employ sales representatives or actively promote advertising space.

Our advertisers rebook with us time and time again, testament to the success of their advert!